A more structured way of handling problems in your organisation could be the key to reducing costs, improving service and business profitability.

handling problemsOn numerous occasions, we are called upon to “solve a problem”, but you will no doubt recognise the hard truth is that in many cases:

  • a decision is made but the problem is not solved;
  • the problem is not addressed in some systematic way;
  • the real problem is often not well understood nor clearly defined;
  • implementation of the solution is highly sub-optimal and costly;
  • the problem is experienced in one area of the organisation but implementation of the solution sits elsewhere and coordination is lacking;
  • a problem requiring a solution is not brought to the attention of management;
  • there is a lack of awareness and measurement of the problem impacts, especially impacts on the customer;
  • there are hundreds of small items which individually appear too small to warrant significant attention, but collectively rob the organisation of its potential;
  • problems become entrenched over time and are accepted as the status quo by staff and management, thereby reducing organisational effectiveness;
  • staff consistently hand problems to management rather than solutions; and the problem is seen as an obstacle rather than an opportunity to improve and grow.

The fact is that most organisations have no structured way to identify and handle problems, which ought to be a core competency of good managers.

Use our 7-step problem solving techniques to overcome many of these issues and bring about significant improved bottom-line results for your organisation in less than 90 days.